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JIANGSU ZHONGSHAN NEW MATERIAL CO.,LTD. under the China top 500 enterprises in Jiangsu Gimpo Group, is in production, scientific research, operating in one large comprehensive high-tech enterprises. The company is currently setting volume production of various types of chemicals nearly grades, including polyurethane polyether polyols, agricultural surfactants, oil field, textile, washing, cosmetics, and other fields with a surfactant. As the field of fine chemicals known enterprises, the bell of the company's manufacturing and research and development of a long history, spanning domestic polyurethane, complete the process by the agricultural surfactant industry started to take off, for the construction and development of the two major industry has made significant contribution.


May 1949, the PLA East China military engineering unit 24 plant.

In May 1951, set up the Nanjing branch.

August 1954, handed over to local, moved, renamed Nanjing gas factory.

January 1964, changed its name to Nanjing Zhongshan chemical plant.

January 1982, Jinling Petrochemical Company set up the factory was renamed Jinling Petrochemical Company chemical plant in Zhongshan.

January 1989, changed its name to Jinling Petrochemical Corporation Chemical Plant.

In August 2004, he joined 500 enterprises in Jiangsu Gimpo Group, changed its name to Jiangsu Zhongshan Chemical Co., Ltd.

December 2012, the municipal government to respond positively to "environmental relocation, retreat city park" call, moved to Luhe industrial park, an annual output of 120,000 tons of polyether polyol 32,000 tons annual output device and a surfactant, and pesticide emulsifier combination unit.